Body Sculpting in Tremonton, UT

Are you unhappy with your body shape? Do you feel like you can’t seem to get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat, no matter what you do? Body contouring is a procedure that can help contour and reshape your body, giving you the figure that you’ve always dreamed of. 

At DCW Aesthetics, we offer body sculpture services using the Emsculpt Neo, the only non-invasive technology in the world that simultaneously builds 25% more muscle and reduces fat by 30% with absolutely no pain or downtime! Don’t put the body of your dreams on hold. Schedule an appointment with us today in Tremonton, UT!

Body Sculpting Machine Working On Abs

How Does EMSculpt Work In Tremonton, UT?

Our Emsculpt Neo procedure uses a unique blend of high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology and radio frequency to give you the best results in body contouring. This procedure induces powerful muscle contractions similar to those achieved through intense workouts.

These contractions stimulate the muscles and cause them to build strength, tone, and definition while also burning fat in the targeted area. Heat is applied to the area simultaneously to facilitate fat burning and cell rejuvenation, giving you a tighter and firmer appearance.

What Can I Expect During My Emsculpt Treatments?

During your Emsculpt treatment sessions, you will:

  • Lie comfortably on a treatment bed while the device is applied to the targeted area.

  • Feel intense muscle contractions for 30 minutes, similar to a strenuous workout.

Many of our clients find the experience enjoyable and even report feeling energized after their sessions! After your treatment, you can immediately resume your normal daily activities without any pain or issues.

Emsculpt VS. Other Body Sculpting Treatments?

Unlike other body sculpting treatments like liposuction, Emsculpt Neo does not involve surgery or anesthesia and has no downtime. This treatment is also unique in targeting and reducing fat deposits and building muscle in the treated area.

The results from Emsculpt Neo treatments can be experienced as soon as the first session is over. These are long-lasting and will help you achieve your desired figure with just 4 easy treatment sessions 5 to 10 days apart.

Target & Defeat That Stubborn Fat In Only 4 to 6 Sessions In Tremonton, UT!

Leave your insecurities at our door and embrace your toned body with EMSculpt, only at DCW Aesthetics in Tremonton, UT! Our certified professionals will work with you to create a custom treatment plan that fits your specific needs and goals. We have helped thousands of people achieve the figure that makes them feel happy and comfortable.

Say goodbye to those stubborn fat deposits and hello to the lean and toned figure you’ve always wanted with EMSculpt at DCW Aesthetics. Schedule your consultation today at our Med Spa Near Tremonton.

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