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Getting constantly sick can be annoying. You’re probably just recovering from the flu when a new virus is already trying to attack your body. Your immune system can indicate that you need to increase and improve your vitamin consumption. Yet, special dieting and food supplements aren’t giving you any effective results. Luckily, at DCW Aesthetics, we’ve got a quick and effective solution for your vitamin deficit.

As specialists in the human body system, we understand that staying healthy is a priority. That’s why we’ve got 4 types of injectable vitamin boosters that are perfect for keeping your health in optimal condition. We’ve helped hundreds of people dealing with vitamin deficiencies regain their energy and well-being.

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Our Top 4 Solutions To Boost Your Immune System

We know you want to feel great to live a long, healthy life. The perfect way to do it is by increasing your vitamin consumption. Here are the 4 solutions at DCW Aesthetics for a vitamin boost:

Shield Vitamin Therapy:

Our Shield Vitamin Therapy is designed to provide your body with powerful doses of vitamins and minerals, allowing it to detox, recover and safeguard itself. We use quick-shot delivery techniques for optimum results.

If you’re looking to strengthen your immune system, reduce infection, and accelerate healing, our therapy can do that and also enhance energy levels, mental focus, and clarity.

Skinny Minnie Vitamin Therapy

Are you trying to lose some weight in a healthy, non-invasive way? Fat-burning vitamin therapy is an all-natural approach to weight loss that is safe, reliable, and affordable. Our DCW Skinny Minnie treatment improves your metabolism by blending vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants.

DCW Reset

Get the most out of your vitamins and enjoy better health with DCW Reset vitamin infusions. This treatment can help you fight infection, decrease inflammation and increase your energy levels. We infuse vitamins and minerals straight into your bloodstream to allow higher levels of nutrients to be absorbed by your body.


If you like to stay active and be a passionate athlete, you need to refuel your body with multiple vitamins to give your best performance. Our amazing formula includes vitamin C, vitamin B complex, amino acids, and a blend of essential minerals to help you recover after an injury or intensive training.

Find The Best Injectable Vitamin Therapies in Garland, UT

Forget about vitamin pills and crazy diets. DCW Aesthetics can provide the best vitamin-based therapy for your body. Our advanced equipment and technology will help you obtain amazing results in a short period of time. You’ll always be accompanied by the expertise of our professional and qualified staff, that will guide you through each step of your journey to optimal health.

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