No More Leakage & Poor Sexual Performance!

How many times have you had to rush to the bathroom after laughing really hard? Or had to feel embarrassed because of a sudden and uncontrollable leakage? Dealing with urinary incontinence is inconvenient and embarrassing at times. At DCW Aesthetics, we know that as a successful adult, you want to enjoy your daily activities without any inconvenience. That’s why we offer a quick and effective solution to your urinary incontinence and sexual health: EMSella.

With EMSELLA, leakage, and poor sexual health will be a thing of the past. This revolutionary treatment uses electromagnetic energy to target and stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, providing an effective and non-invasive solution. In just a few sessions with our specialist, you will notice a significant improvement in urinary incontinence, sexual wellness, and satisfaction. We’ve helped hundreds of adults like you recover their routines and sexual performance. Become one of them today!

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Say Goodbye To Urinary Incontinence & Hello To A Better Sex Life

At DCW Aesthetics, we understand how important it is to control your urinary incontinence and sexual wellness. EMSELLA is the most advanced and effective urinary incontinence treatment available today. It uses electromagnetic energy to target pelvic floor muscles, stimulating them and improving muscle tone. This leads to a stronger support system in your pelvic area that can help reduce leakage issues.

How Is My Sexual Wellness Improved With EMSella?

Enhanced blood circulation and a stronger pelvic floor positively affect male erectile dysfunctions, female lubrication levels, and increased sensitivity in both men and women. EMSella chair treatment fortifies the muscles responsible for all these functions, so you can enjoy a more fulfilling sex life.

About The Procedure

Our EMSella treatment is popular for being 0% invasive. Here’s how the procedure goes:

  • Sit on the blue chair, fully clothed.
  • Let the high-intensity focused electromagnetic waves pulse target the area
  • You’ll feel some tingling and deep muscle contractions.
  • Get back to your scheduled activities!

We Help You Improve Your Lifestyle & Health in Garland, UT

Avoid going through an invasive procedure that will leave you in bed for weeks. With EMSella treatment at DCW Aesthetics, you’ll see real results after 4-6 non-invasive sessions. We want to help you regain control of your life. Our certified medical professionals are highly trained to provide the best care and support during the whole process.

Say goodbye to any discomfort and embarrassment in only 3 steps:

  • Fill out our form
  • Schedule your first EMSella session
  • Start your treatment

It’s as simple as that! No more oopsies and awkward moments. Regain your confidence with EMSella!

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