Have you set some New Year’s goals to feel more confident in your body? You might want to lose weight, get in shape, and enhance your appearance as you start a new year. But diet and exercise alone aren’t always enough to give you the look you want. That’s where body contouring treatments can help!

Body contouring uses surgical and non-surgical procedures to shape and sculpt your body. They’re the perfect complement to healthy lifestyle changes. In this post, we’ll explore different body contouring options and how they can help you finally achieve your new year’s body goals. Keep reading!

Hydrafacial treatment

Non-Surgical Body Sculpting for Your Ideal Shape

1. Emsculpt Neo

Emsculpt Neo uses HIFEM technology to help you build muscle and burn fat. This treatment sends electromagnetic energy to contract your muscles super fast—think 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes!

It’s perfect for toning the abs, butt, arms and calves. You’ll start to see results after 2-4 sessions. This body contouring option is excellent for Utah residents who love hiking and skiing but want more defined legs.

2. SculpSure

SculpSure is a light-based fat reduction treatment that might be just what you need to achieve your wellness goals in a vibrant community like Garland, Utah. It uses lasers to permanently eliminate fat cells in problem areas like the stomach, thighs, and back.

Each quick 25-minute session can shrink the fat layer by a remarkable 24%, and typically, you might need up to 6 sessions to experience the full effect. This way, SculpSure can perfectly fit into the Utah lifestyle, where outdoor activities like hiking and biking are a part of daily life.

3 .truSculpt flex

truSculpt flex uses radio-frequency energy to melt away fat and build muscle simultaneously. This treatment boosts muscle mass by 16% and reduces fat by 24% after four sessions. It targets the abs, glutes, thighs, and arms. truSculpt is great for an overall athletic physique—so you look toned in your yoga pants or biking shorts.

4. truSculpt iD

truSculpt iD customizes radio-frequency energy per patient. It can treat multiple body areas in one session while addressing each area’s unique fat reduction and muscle sculpting needs. Suppose you live in the active city of Garland. In that case, you can opt for this personalized option from a professional med spa in Utah to help you achieve a balanced, proportional look.

4 Benefits of Body Contouring Treatments

1. Improved Body Confidence

Removing stubborn fat pockets and cellulite can help you feel more comfortable. Treatments like Emsculpt NEO visibly enhance your physique so you look as fit as you think.

2. Enhanced Muscle Tone

Body contouring builds and strengthens muscles that may be difficult to target with exercise alone. You’ll see more defined abs, arms, glutes, and thighs.

3. Removal of Fat Deposits

Stubborn fat areas that diet and exercise don’t touch are no match for body contouring. You can finally lose that belly pooch or bra bulge.

4. Long-Lasting Results

Body contouring treatments deliver longer-lasting effects than working out or dieting alone. Look and feel your best well into 2024 and beyond!

Get the Body of Your Dreams with DCW Aesthetics

After the holiday season, it’s normal to desire self-improvement. You want to sculpt the body you’ve always envisioned through weight management, skincare, or relaxation. However, finding the time and motivation can be difficult when it shouldn’t be. At DCW Aesthetics, we understand the struggles.

Our med spa in Utah offers a range of non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic procedures and treatments. Our qualified dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and nurse practitioners perform them. Don’t hold yourself from starting the new year with your dream body. Achieve your goals safely with our body contouring options in Utah!